Declaration by Participant

I/We understand that cycling can be dangerous. I/We declare that I/We am entering this Event voluntarily and in appropriate state, and agree to be responsible for all risks and responsibilities. I/We agree to abide by all rules, arrangements and decisions (including without limitation to anti-doping policy) and applicable laws.
I/We for myself/ourselves, our family members, provate administrator and beneficiaries, will executors and administrators, do hereby waive and release, any and all rights, claims and cause of action we/our have or may have against, the Organizer – VITA GREEN CHARITABLE FOUNDATION LIMITED and all sponsors, promoters, supporters, officers and all other related persons from any and all liability arising from illness, injury, death, loss and economic consequences that may be suffered from any cause whatsoever, including negligence, as a result of our entry in this event. I/We certify that I/We am physically fit and sufficiently trained to complete the event. I/We grant permission and assign all rights, title and interest to the organizer to use our appearance, name, voice, bio-data, likeness, and personal data in connection with the event in any and all media throughout the world in perpetuity and agree to waive any rights of inspection, approval or royalties associated.

Race Countdown